Taipei Dzogchen Rigpa Ling

Taiwan, Taipei

The Taipei Centre started in February 2005, as a group of students insisted that Rinpoche comes back frequently and teaches, with the wish that his compassion may touch as many people as possible.
Regular practices:
Tsoks (twice a month)
Activities: Teachings by Patrul Rinpoche. Lama Tendar, from Dzogchen in tibet, also teaches sometimes.
Main teachings: Patrul Rinpoche has been teaching the Bodhicaryavattara, The Words of My Perfect Teacher, the Advice to Kunzang Chögyal, and the 12 links of interdependance.
Languages: English , Tibetan, Chinese.
Isabelle Shang Kuan
Mobile : +886-912-001-749


11F , No.120 .
Ming Chung East Road., 3 Sec.
Taipei City