Dzogchen Samten Deden Ling

Poland, Slupca 
The Slupca Centre was founded in June 2003 by Patrul Rinpoche.
The aims of the centre are:
  • to study and practice the teachings of Dzogchen Lineage
  • to collect writings of Longchen Nyingthik, and especially the writtings of Patrul Rinpoche's, Longchenpa's , Jigme Lingpa's and Jamgon Mipham's Rinpoche's
  • to initiate translation of these texts into Polish
  • to create good conditions for serious practitioners who wish to undertake longer retreats, especially ordained Sangha. 
Practices: Tsoks & Shiné (not all the time, please check before).

Activities: Teachings by Patrul Rinpoche & Retreats. 

Main teachings: The 37 Bodhisattva's practices, Advice to Kunzang Chogyal, The Words of My Perfect teacher.

Conferences: generally organised in Poznan

Languages: Tibetan-English-Polish. 

Danuta Woron +45 60 82 34 00 (in English, Polish, Danish)
Gabriela Tomczak: +48 (0)63 277 1757 (only in Polish)