Dzogchen Do Ngak Darje Ling

Japan, Tokyo

The Tokyo's Centre was established in November 2003, during Patrul Rinpoche's first trip to Japan. Since then Rinpoche has been travelling to Japan once or twice every year to give teachings to a growing number of students.
Objectives and Activities:
The objectives are the practice of Dharma as well as helping many kind of people by the altruistic activity.
The subjects taught recently are the Bodhicaryavattara, the Aspiration of Samantabhadra; the 12 links of Interdependence; Advice to Kunsan Chogyal.
A public conference is also organised once a year.
Regular Practices:
Shiné sessions and tsoks are organised (in individual house).
Teachings are given in Tibetan, and translated into English, Japanese (and Chinese if needed).
Contact details:
Pema Sonam Tso