Gyalten Nyime Shedrub Darje Ling

Japan, Kobe
Following a huge earthquake in Kobe on 17th January 1995 6,400 people died. Many families of the dead grieved for a long time. Patrul Rinpoche did a Fire puja for them on Suma seashore in Kobe on 9th November 2006. Some people, Buddhist and non-Buddhist, happened to gather together, preparing for the Fire puja. Since then a group in Kobe has spontaneously started to study and practice Dharma.
Activities: Teachings by Patrul Rinpoche.
Main teachings:
Introduction to the Bardo (09/11/06)
Things to Keep in Mind -A Treasure of Precious Words "Advice for the Single Lineage"- (21-22/04/07)
Languages: Teaching is given by Tibetan and translated into Japanese.
Shimpei Ogawa
Phone:+81 90 6663 9718