Dzamling Rigpa Shedra


Patrul Rinpoche first visited Stockholm in June 1998 and founded a centre a few years later. Since then, the group of students has remained stable and regularly meet at each other's place.

Objectives and Activities:
The main objectives are: to give other people the opportunity to meet Patrul Rinpoche and to support each other in Dharma practise and study.
The subjects taught recently are the Bodhicaryavattara, The Words of My Perfect Teacher, Advice to Kunzang Chögyal, The Boddhi Tree and the Kuntuzangpo Mönlam.
Public conferences are also organised.
Regular Practices:
Dakas and Dakinis Feast days (twice a month).
Sojong for Bodhissatva vows (twice a month).
Other Activities
Studies groups.
Teachings are given in Tibetan/English, and translated into English.
Contact details:
Allon Batsrawee