Dzogchen Urgyen Shedrup Dudul Ling

Georgia, Tbilissi
Patrul Rinpoche was invited to Georgia for the first time in Septembre 1999. The group has no real place of its own for the moment, and members meet at a student's appartament which is rent. The name of the association was given by Patrul Rinpoche.

Objectives and Activities:
The principal objectives of the group are :
  • to invite the Lama to come to teach;
  • to practice the Dharma Teachings;
  • to translate dharma texts into Georgian;
  • to set up a retreat place.
Public conferences are also organised.
Regular Practices:
  • Shiné
  • Tsoks (in small groups)
Teachings are given in Tibetan-English-Russian. Georgian is sometimes used during questions & answers.


Contact details:
Phone: + 995 99 400367